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Musings 1318.329 - Sorry, I missed it.

Moving is such fun.......NOT! The past week is the first time since starting my blog that I missed a posting. I felt terrible about it but couldn't be helped. We were mid move from our home of almost 5 years, it was Thanksgiving week, I didn't have a post at the ready and was surrounded by chaos. We used movers for the first time and even with a couple of small issues and the cost, I highly recommend it. They arrived early, packed our entire life in their truck and moved us in one trip. It was amazing how they could maximize every square inch of the truck, very much like a game of Tetris. Unpacking was supposed to be in my mind, easy peasy. I'd taped a labeled piece of colored paper on both sides of each box with corresponding areas/rooms so each box had a designated spot. Well, I'd budgeted for 5 hours which one would think is plenty of time but since most of that time was taken up packing, the download had to be a bit more efficient. I had to make a run to the ATM