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1319.89 Real life is getting in the way

ArtBong hasn't posted, but for good reason.  Due to somewhat unforeseen circumstances, I haven't been able to spend time blogging as I would have liked, working instead on a project that will bring about big, long overdue changes. These events have set some things in motion that I would have preferred to not to deal with right now, but it's said that life is what happens while making plans and this is definitely one of those. Sometimes we get distracted, complacent, and even a bit lazy,  instead of taking charge of a less than stellar situation, opting instead, to try and make the best of it . But, now things are in motion and I'm so fortunate to have my personal board of directors, positive, supportive people in my corner who are sympathetic listeners, offer constructive insight and advice, and help to keep me focused. They remind me that I always land on my feet and all will turn out as it should. I now feel closer to the result of this hiatus and the objecti