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1319.223 Social Media jail?! WTF Instagram.... I'm innocent

Yesterday I was having a lot of trouble on my IG page I couldn't like or comment on posts. Digging deeper I think I've been suspended but no clue why because I only got a weird pop up saying I'm blocked.  I've violated none of the offenses listed when I Googled "Why can't I like or post on IG". The remedy was to dispute it (which might delay my suspension) or not have any activity for 48 hours. My first impulse was to fight it. After all, I haven't done anything wrong and don't like being accused of something I didn't do. Instead, I opted for the 2 day hiatus. Here's what happened: Friday, day 1- I got up as usual and first instinct was to check out my social media,  IG is my go to. I frequent Snapchat and love TikTok (but those combined isn't as much as my time on Instagram)  and found it much easier than I thought, not checking IG every hour, trolling  the feeds and haven't been on facebook in years. Oh, but no, "we&#