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Musing 1318.224 Where's the Baby Boomer Haul?

This past weekend I discovered retail hauls on YouTube. I realize I'm the last to the party on this, partly I think because while the ladies whose hauls I found myself binge watching were all lovely and extremely entertaining ( Patricia Bright , Glitter+Lazers , Tiarra Monet ), were much younger than my demographic, a woman of a certain age, namely over 50. Our figures, mine especially aren't the same as when we were 30 (thank God!) and I dread going to malls because on top of everything being either hoochie or dowdy, I've recently lost weight and at a weird in between stage. I went up from size 6 to 10/12 and now down to, what I'm not sure. This is why I've resorted to online shopping for most of my clothes, still, not an exact science and I'm struggling with finding something that's right for me. By scouring YouTube I did find hauls for women my age but Christ Almighty the clothes for the most part were, dull, drab, no color to speak of and completel