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Musings 1318.246 Viva Las Vegas!

Best friends rock! Even more so when you're married to him. I love it when Hubz and I get to spend the weekends together. Often times we go get mani/pedis, have a nice meal and end with an on demand movie. We also have what we call lazy Sundays, where we stay in bed and watch movies all day. Not very productive but we like it. We make each other laugh, still after 17 + years and no one knows me better.  We decided to spend Labor Day weekend with a trip to Las Vegas, neither of us having been before. Hubz is a certified workaholic and convincing him to take time for some well deserved R and R was no small feat. If I haven't mentioned in previous posts, we are a great team, this trip was no different. We landed without incident after a super cramped no frills flight on Spirit Airlines aka Soul P lane (the return trip was not as fortunate which included battling bridesmaids).  O ur reservation was at Caesar's Palace, something a few people advised us against.   They sai