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Musings 1317.267 Make it look good

But I want it pretty! One of the first frustrations I had/am having with blogging (besides how to make it seem interesting) is the way it looks. No offense to blogger (it is free after all) but the templates just don't do it for me. I'm a visual learner and my blog template is, in a word, basic. The formatting is so erratic (this post included, which is why it looks this way. I gave up) and even after screwing with it, preview after preview, once it goes live it changes again! The most infuriating, frustrating thing you've ever seen. And forget compiling in Word or anything similar. Copy and paste actually makes it worse. I thought I'd finally figured out how to control it while working on a post a few weeks ago, but as soon as I tried the same technique with the next one it was all over the place again. It's not just me either, Sabrina B of , another new blogger has had the same frustrations. And trying to find help is just as crazy.

Musings 1317.264 Blog, sure why not

This blog game is serious! I'm so thankful for all the support and info from my veteran blog friends When I first decided to start blogging I had all kinds of apprehensions but was still curious enough to educate myself about it. But what to talk about? Mark Twain said there are no original ideas and there already are lots of blogs out there about art. So I figured fuck it. isn't necessarily special but it's mine and I enjoy putting these art posts together, deciding what to feature while learning new things because I needed something besides the sometimes soul killing grind of working for a paycheck to keep me sane and creative. Here in Musings, I go into how exploring, researching, compiling, and organizing on this road to discovery and improvement are helping to challenge and flex my brain to keep it from turning into mush . Besides, I've always enjoyed learning  new things and expanding my brain. After all, knowledge is power. Ri ght? Th