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Musings 1318.246 Viva Las Vegas!

Best friends rock!

Even more so when you're married to him.
I love it when Hubz and I get to spend the weekends together. Often times we go get mani/pedis, have a nice meal and end with an on demand movie. We also have what we call lazy Sundays, where we stay in bed and watch movies all day. Not very productive but we like it. We make each other laugh, still after 17 + years and no one knows me better. 
We decided to spend Labor Day weekend with a trip to Las Vegas, neither of us having been before. Hubz is a certified workaholic and convincing him to take time for some well deserved R and R was no small feat. If I haven't mentioned in previous posts, we are a great team, this trip was no different. We landed without incident after a super cramped no frills flight on Spirit Airlines aka Soul Plane (the return trip was not as fortunate which included battling bridesmaids). 
Our reservation was at Caesar's Palace, something a few people advised us against. They said it was old and outdated but it was very nice and exceeded our expectations.  
It was located in the middle of the strip, I loved the Greco-Roman themed art, architecture and sculptures. Our room was great, and after the first day of walking a mile to check out the Wynn Hotel in the sweltering desert heat we quickly found an alternative to subjecting ourselves to more green house effect torture in addition to the never-ending hustle and hard sell of hawkers trying to get us to sign up for time share seminars, show vouchers, or taking pics with "entertainers" using our phone/camera for cash and spent the next day exploring Caesar's. We were told most of the guests hang out at the 7 pools during the day and go outside at night. The view from our room was of the pool area but that's about as close as we got to it. 
The hotel is massive (hailed as the largest resort in the world), and we had a great time perusing the shops, the animatronic show, restaurants, and (very little) gambling. We walked over 4 miles (still didn't get to see everything), all air conditioned without ever going outside, a big no-no for us during the day. The night was topped off with Cirque du Soleil's "O" and dinner on the strip people watching, a favorite past time. Vegas is perfect for this and we saw everything from drunken partiers, and brides ruining beautiful full length gowns walking barefoot on the street to strung out homeless altercations some found entertaining. I found it tragic and unfortunate.
All in all we had a fantastic time without a-lot of drinking, no clubbing and minimal gambling. There a so many choices of entertainment, a bit overwhelming and maybe that's why people tell me how much they love to go. I can see visiting again, but it's so expensive and still not sure why people want to frequent the way they do. Maybe 30 years ago, when I was much younger and the idea of drinking and walking the streets or partying until the sun came up would have seemed much more appealing. Right now, I just need to soak my feet.