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Musings 1318.121 - What happened to my post?!

Where is it?

Once again, I find myself discovering something strange with Blogger. Oddly, one of my February posts is missing! Thank the stars, all the others are accounted for. I'm unsure if it's something I did, or if a glitch (because Blogger is tres glitchy), either way, it's gone.

I can't say what compelled me to go through all my posts. It was an interesting discussion about the origins of Pulp Fiction art (I thought it was interesting) how it was designed for lower income youth and young adults with some fun covers. Many of the characters and authors went on to become famous. I keep all my content on a flash drive, but not the copy. I will definitely start backing everything up!
Sadly, the flash drive died a month or so ago and I can't retrieve anything! If I rewrote it, the date would be incorrect and would throw everything off so what's the point?


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