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Musings 1318.94 Happy birthday to me!

Happy Birthday!

I had so much fun with this week's post, finding famous people born in April. Unfortunately, I had to cut it off at 17, it was much more than I normally include when covering topics of interest. It might have been a bit off from the usual but I felt compelled to list the ones that came closest to being mentioned:

Bessie Smith
Jane Mansfield
Elizabeth Montgomery
Booker T. Washington
Duke Ellington
Chance the Rapper
Tony Romo
Buddy Ebsen
Eliot Ness
Muddy Waters

On another note, I'm happy to report I'm making progress managing my diabetes. The key was getting a second opinion. It turns out the first doctor was over medicating and a little too anxious to put me on insulin. The second one, a diabetic specialist lowered the dosage, which made me feel worlds better, and I'm learning to find a good balance with food management and medication while still being true to me. It's a process yet I have to admit food just isn't fun anymore and although I've lost 10 pounds and feeling physically more like myself than I have in years, I don't want to be a slave to the dietary restrictions and be able to enjoy a meal. Is that too much to ask?