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Musings 1318.49 Oh Sh*t!

Content is king

This long weekend caught me completely off guard and I forgot about posting the weekly blog. Worse yet, I was clueless about what to feature. Luckily I'd already started one last week and after a few tweaks it was done. I've posted about 30 weeks now, it's so exciting.  On one hand,  sometimes I struggle and question how I'm going to keep this up indefinitely. But on the other, I'm always happy with what I come up with and learn something in the process every time. I've got lots of drafts/ideas in the works but unsure about the message and execution of each. I recently got approved for adsense on, it's intriguing and I'm learning about the clicks, estimated earnings, reports, etc.
I'm getting a lot of likes and have gotten new followers in Instagram. When the blog is viewed through a social media interface (the most common), it doesn't count as views and I've gotten very few on the actual site which is a big goal. Right now, it looks like I don't have much of an online presence but getting a lot of encouragement by fellow bloggers and friends. Because of that, I will not get discouraged and give up but also won't be as hard on myself as I have been in the past. This is a journey, not a destination and I'm just getting started!