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Musings 1318.24 CAD

Learn CAD they said, it's not that hard they said...

What's so hard about making a donut?

When I first decided to start my blog I had all kinds of apprehensions but was still interested. But what to talk about? Well duh, the one thing that I've maintained a curiosity for, art. And now, I have which I really enjoy, putting together art styles, deciding what to feature. But here, I can discuss what the journeys these experiences and new avenues do for me. I've always enjoyed learning new things and expanding my brain. After all, knowledge is power.
Some time ago I thought I'd dabble into CAD (Computer-aided design). Long story short, I opened the software, took one look at the interface, freaked out and closed it immediately. 
Sidebar: I used to be heavily into Second Life a RPG that's built by it's residents with the only limitations being the player's
imagination. My real life friends and family who lived in other parts of the globe and I would go "in-world" and spend time together.

We would build houses, furniture, design clothes, etc. For some reason the internet in our new house wouldn't let me use it so I haven't been on in awhile. Recently, I saw a post that SL (Second LIfe) made some upgrades to it's system and now had a cloud. I decided to try to access again and to my delight was able to log on after several years of being away. The only reason I include this is while trying to update my avatar and check the "prims" (objects used to build) I realized the CAD mesh objects were the same so I had no reason to be intimidated by the software, I'd been doing the same thing in SL for years! I went back and dusted off the modeling program and spent the weekend learning via the manual and YouTube videos.
There was alot of info and I found myself getting into it, spending the better part of the weekend doing not much else. My hubby was out of town so it was the perfect opportunity and BTW the same way I learned Photoshop, spending days doing only that. I found
Blender Guru who promised by the time you venture through his 6 tutorials you'd be able to make a 3D pic of 2 donuts and a cup of coffee. Lessons 1 - 3 were a breeze, I maneuvered through them without much issue. Then came lesson 4. WTH! I kept getting stuck my donut looked a little problematic, nothing like the instructor's version at the same stage. I started from scratch several times and finally had to take a break and decided to come back to it at another time. I moved on to motion graphics and found a video that looked interesting and in spite of the instructors very thick accent I powered through. Once again, I got stuck with the nodes! Although I followed the instructions, often pausing and replaying but again, my final version didn't quite work the same way. I finally found one that was simple enough to follow and didn't get much farther than the simple intro. Houdini is another program that has a free download and after looking around a bit I've discovered some tutorials that I think I'll try. I won't give up!