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Musings 1317.344 How to be defiant

This weekend I watched The Defiant Ones, a four part documentary 
highlighting Dr Dre, Jimmy Iovine and their relationship spanning several years (perhaps a play on the Sidney Poitier, Tony Curtis movie of the same name). The entire thing was about 4 hours, was well produced, informative and entertaining. I came away from it feeling two things: How these men from very different backgrounds crossed paths to do amazing things together, in the entertainment industry and beyond as well as inspired. 
Talking with the Hubz he felt the same way, it's as if it were saying, "you need to stop wasting time, get up and make something of your life before it's too late!" The long standing question has always been there, in the back of my mind while I get up at 5:15am, commute 40 minutes to work, one way, grinding away at the cube farm for a paycheck. But what exactly is that thing?
Hubz says he was never encouraged to be anything other than someone who works a regular job and retire from it, something he says his parents never did. As far as I know they worked jobs until the day they died. I don't know for sure so have no other alternative but to believe him.
I was raised by two perfectionists: a teacher (my dad) and a model (my mom), both of whom sometimes worked several jobs at a time and sacrificed more than I'm sure I'll ever know. Both emphasized the importance of inside and outside equally. They knew of my affinity for the creative, something they said was a nice "hobby" but that I needed to shelve for something better, like, a job with benefits. They are both retired now and said to me more than once how they were surprised I didn't become a professional dancer or artist since I was very good at both (forget the fact ain't no money in either).
While the dance potential is long gone I still have the urge to create, what, I'm not sure  from one day to the next and taking into consideration, time, energy and inspiration. Grandma Moses didn't start painting until she was 78, and I'm not quite there yet. As you get older responsibilities change and others start to rely on you to keep the ball rolling: dinner, bills, Dr visits, college tuition, keeping them happy, fed, and safe from harm, maintaining the household, etc. No small feat and definitely not cheap. Even as I write this there are chores and a half decorated Christmas tree, waiting distracting, both of which must be attended to before bedtime.

I rest my case.