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Musings 1317.267 Make it look good

But I want it pretty!

One of the first frustrations I had/am having with blogging (besides how to make it seem interesting) is the way it looks. No offense to blogger (it is free after all) but the templates just don't do it for me. I'm a visual learner and my blog template is, in a word, basic. The
formatting is so erratic (this post included, which is why it looks this way. I gave up) and even after screwing with it, preview after preview, once it goes live it changes again! The most infuriating, frustrating thing you've ever seen. And forget compiling in Word or anything similar. Copy and paste actually makes it worse. I thought I'd finally figured out how to control it while working on a post a few weeks ago, but as soon as I tried
the same technique with the next one it was all over the place again. It's not just me either, Sabrina B of, another new blogger has had the same frustrations. And trying to find help is just as crazy. What is available is either outdated, or a known problem that no one has bothered to fix. I've been scouring the internet for something a bit more "me", that's free, nice layout, I can personalize to my liking and compatible with blogger. Is that too much to ask? Quite honestly, it's enough to
make you want to quit. Yes, I know WordPress is better, has more features and fully customizable. But guess what? It ain't free and being a fledgling blogger I can't yet see my way into paying a monthly or yearly fee. Maybe in six months (doubtful), or a year from now my attitude about it might change. My .html knowledge is limited and rusty but it looks like I might have to knock the dust off those brain cells and figure some shit out with Dreamweaver. Or, dare I hope, the perfect, free, blogger template is out there, just one click away.


  1. Of course I feel your ever-growing frustration and the very same sentiments towards Blogger. If it did all it's supposed to do, perhaps we wouldn't be as rattled.


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